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Supplementary Equipment



● Ladle Lid Cover Opening / Closing Device

From the metal receiving until the completion of the pouring, it is highly recommended to close lid cover to minimize metal temperature drop in the ladle. In case of the ladle capacity is more than 1,000 kg, its lid cover is too heavy to handle by manual and automatic lid cover opening / closing device becomes necessary.




● Metal Discharging Device

When spheroidizing process is done in the pouring ladle, it is necessary to empty the ladle beforehand. In case of
changing metal type even in FC, it is also necessary to empty
the ladle. In order to rapidly empty the ladle, automatic metal discharging device is prepared.




● Test Piece Collecting Function

This function collects a test piece at predetermined timing by automatically positioning itself and pours.
Since pouring weight is small, operator’s support to back tilt the ladle is needed.




● Metal Temperature Measuring Function

This function measures the drop of molten metal temperature by non-contact thermometer.