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Production Information Management System

Systemizing from Melting Process to Pouring Process




Molten metal handling system in a safe & secured mode is provided as a
variation of automatic pouring machine. This is the system integrating
metal receiving & metal distribution system and automatic pouring
Complicated procedure from metal receiving to pouring is managed as a
total system. This is to automate the metal handling from metal receiving
to pouring in a safe & secured mode. Also improvement of perating ratio is
expected under overall management in cooperation with molding line.
By integrating production record, quality information, and operation
information from those equipment, production management system and
metal management system are composed.
Production information management system of Fujiwa Denki includes
simplified data process with a main focus on pouring machine and
integrated system from melting to pouring process.



Simplified Data Process with a main focus on Pouring Machine




Pouring data (history) for the past 25 molds are indicated on the screen as
a standard equipment of the simplified data process with a main focus on
the pouring machine.
Indicated data are pouring hour, pattern number, pouring weight, pouring
time, and batch number (by ladle unit). CF card readout unit and pouring
data readout unit are provided as an option. CF card readout unit
accumulates pouring data in a CF (Flash ROM) card.
The storage of memory card is for maximum 120,000 molds (approx.
for 1 week operation) with 8 data per mold. Data management is
by separate PC in a case of more than 1 week operation. Simplified pouring
data management unit gives simplified pouring instruction to the pouring
machine and collects pouring data.
The communication between sequencer of pouring machine floor panel and
simple PC is done through LAN (Ethernet).




Production Information Management System from Molding to Pouring Process including Melting