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Metal Stream Inoculation Equipment

Implementation of improving Working Environment and Casting Quality



The most optimum inoculation effect is obtained together with Fujiwa automatic pouring machine.
Automatically adjusting to the change of pouring speed, pouring weight, and sprue location.


Metal Stream Inoculation Equipment

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1. Precise inoculant feeding by special screw.

2. Inoculant feeding control in proportion to pouring speed and weight in conjunction with pouring machine.

3. More precise quality control is available with inoculation data.


Effective Examples

■Improving Casting Quality Inoculant feeding is controlled according to the pouring speed and pouring weight.

■Reduction of Inoculant Weight Due to precise and uniform inoculant charging, inoculation effect is ensured without prior inoculation.

■Reduction of Inoculation Defect
Inoculation defect is reduced by precise and uniform inoculant charging with monitoring inoculant feeding.

■Manpower Saving
Worker only refills inoculant to the hopper. Sprue location adjustment, inoculant feeding, and obtaining inoculation data are automatically done.



Hopper capacity: 50 kg
Motor for screw feeder: 0.75 / 1.5 kW (Feeding amount: 2 – 8 g/sec)
Material confirming sensor: By electrostatic capacity type.
Screw rotation detecting:  By proximity switch.
Moving bogie for sprue location adjusting: By air driving type.
Passing material sensor: By optical type.