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Automatic Transportation Equipment

Molten Metal Receiving Bogie……… Metal receiving

Molten metal is tapped from melting furnace to the bogie.


Molten Metal Receiving Bogie……… Moving to boarding position

Molten metal receiving bogie moves to boarding position of molten metal transportation bogie.


受湯台車 ・・・受湯





From Molten Metal Receiving Bogie to Molten Metal
Transportation Bogie

Molten metal receiving bogie transfers onto the molten metal
transportation bogie.


Adjusting Nozzle Direction of the Pouring Ladle

According to the layout, it is necessary to rotate ladle nozzle position at
molten metal receiving position and pouring position. This picture shows
an example of adjusting ladle nozzle position during metal transportation
by the rotating mechanism equipped to ladle transportation bogie.







Molten Metal Transportation Bogie reaches Pouring

Ladle transportation bogie reaches ladle pulling side of the ladle
replacement device at pouring position. Slag removal and
temperature observation are normally done by pouring monitoring


From completion of Ladle Preparation to Automatic

After completing ladle preparation, press the completion button
and ladle is automatically set to the automatic
pouring machine and automatic pouring is started.







Automated Remaining Molten Metal Processing

Necessary to discharge remaining molten metal in case of changing the
type of molten metal is required. This picture shows an example of
automatic molten metal discharging device.


Opening / Closing Device of Ladle Lid Cover

It is very difficult for the worker to manually handle ladle lid because of
its heavy weight in case of ladle capacity is more than 1 ton. This picture
shows an example of automatic ladle lid cover opening / closing device.







Ladle Transportation Bogie with Ladle Lid Cover Opening / Closing Mechanism

This mechanism is available in the ladle replacement system with smaller ladle capacity. When the ladle with molten metal is transferred to
transportation bogie, lid cover is set and pouring is performed.
After completion of pouring, lid cover is removed before the ladle
is transferred to themetal receiving bogie.


Bogie with metal pouring mechanism

In case of metal pouring method, metal receiving bogie or metal
distributing bogie is equipped with a metal pouring mechanism into the
pouring ladle. This picture shows the metal pouring mechanism installed.







Aiming at safer and more stable molten metal transportation system!
Floor transportation device is consisted of metal receiving bogie which receives molten metal from melting furnace and transfer, metal transportation
bogie which delivers molten metal to the automatic pouring machine, and metal discharging unit which empties remaining metal in the ladle.
There are several types of metal transportation bogie which has ladle rotation mechanism or tilting & up/down mechanism.
There are two methods of metal supplying into the pouring ladle, one is ladle changing type and another one is metal pouring type into the ladle.
Following shows ladle changing method.


Automatic Transportation Equipment (Floor Transportation Device)

Trancar System



Streamlining in-house transportation by effectively utilizing the space.
This system is suitable for transportation of core, returning material, and shell sand.


Transportation Trancar



1. The space is effectively used due to transportation utilizing the space in a factory.
2. Shell sand strength is not deteriorated. Not damaging transporting material is the merit of the trancar.


Effective Examples

・ Effective space utilization
Space in a factory is utilized. Distribution is streamlined without changing the existing layout.

・ Smooth distribution is available and it avoids any jamming.
Automatic process for the material of how much needed and when it is needed.

・ Return material transportation trancar.
Manpower saving of 1 worker. Improving factory environment by avoiding the work of forklift truck.